Matt Roach began as a quasi-comedian. When he was 15 years old he started the sketch comedy
the group played all over the Philadelphia area. During this time Matt began writing comedy songs to
perform, along with the sketches. After the sketch group ended, he started to concentrate on writing
music. He kept writing and, now 25 years and 500 songs later, he is still going. He doesn’t play any
cover songs. Matt says, “I never taught myself any because the original artist would perform the
song much better then I ever could”. So, fast, slow, happy, sad…possibly demented music.  But, all
original, all the time!! Matt has been fortunate enough to perform on a regular basis for many years,
playing over 250 shows throughout the East Coast. He has received radio play in the U.S. and
Europe. Matt has opened for Hamell on Trial, Steve Poltz (twice), Steve Forbert, Asylum Street
Spankers, Peter Tork from the Monkees, UK legends The Alarm and opened three times for
Marshall Crenshaw. Matt has released eight cd's, including a double Holiday cd. His new album
"The Last Great Day" comes out in February 2018. His live shows are always fun experiences. Matt
says, “I love interacting with the audience. I like keeping them guessing by switching my songs from
happy to sad and, then, back again”